[CS 1.6] Mapupload [+19 Maps]
hm selected some new/missing maps again!

BHOP Server +12 Maps
hb_fantasm, kzcl_desertbhop, nz_stonetown, Sat_simple, tirion_concretebhop, vkz_outland, abb_bhop_and_260, area_color, kzpa_toonybhop, kzpf_bhop, alt_zhops, kzro_tits

SPEEDMAPS Server +5 Maps
smk_desolate, ivns_orangez, kzarg_morning, kzarg_factory, hb_d3stiny_by_b2d

HARD+ Server +2 Maps
hnslt_redcross, imkz_contrast


[CS 1.6] Mapupload [+8 Maps]
hm selected some new maps again!

BHOP Server +2 Maps
bhop_kamui, kzra_bhopspace_v2

KREEDZ Server +1 Map

SPEEDMAPS Server +2 Maps
bkz_ok, nb_summer_nights

HARD+ Server +2 Maps
jmp_darktemple, deathrun_ng_oui_final

SLIDE Server +1 Map


[CS 1.6] Mapupload [+55 Maps]
BHOP Server +8 Maps
newage_ninja_bhop, notkz_strongmap, pixelhop, Steel_whitebhop2, vLy_bhop, d3_nozuonodie, kzlv_smallfactory, newage_bhop

KREEDZ Server +4 Maps
newage_climb, vLy_stairsblock, alt_dth, d3_zhuangb

SPEEDMAPS Server +31 Maps
bhop_InPerfect0, cykz_around, d3_black_white, d3_conc, d3_cupe, d3_fall, d3_fastbhop, d3_greenzone, d3_juhx, d3_jumpbug, d3_junt, d3_lost, d3_oldpart, d3_random, d3_twoblocks, d3_ugly, duckez_scrollbreaker, imkz_cratesclimb, imkz_oldtown, ivns_green3, ivns_lazybl0ck, kzlv_edgebug_market, kzlv_edgebug_portal, kzr_sgs, perfect0_miniblock, Steel_bhoprun, Steel_fastbhop, Steel_whitebhop, vLy_brickbhop, vLy_creteypoohop, vLy_easy

HARD+ Server +7 Maps
Elz_bhoppalace, hb_d3sTiny, mtz_hateful, this_map_will_rape_u, vLy_5_colors, kzua_mk_illumina_h, k_obscurity

SLIDE Server +5 Maps
slide_ip_nature, slide_ip_upslides, slide_kzlv_smallone, Steel_slide_dark, d3_cool_run_v2


Our CS 1.6 Servers will be unavailable for ~1-2 days.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Cooperation with 247cs.de
It's now possible to connect to all 247cs (a well-known german CS community) Servers via ingame command "/server". This is the first step towards a cooperation with 247cs.de - maybe there will be more in the future. Thanks to 247cs for making this possible!

Now you are able to connect to the following additional servers via ingame command:

We hope that you will use this new function to play some casual CS to recover from kreedzing


[CS 1.6] Mapupload [+64 Maps]
BHOP Server +12 Maps
uss_tubiega_bhop, bhop_squareblock2, bhop_blue_glass, Steel_bhosadabhop, kis_zigzagbhop_ez, kis_zigzagbhop_h, kaspek_metalico, Elz_smileybhop, kzr_minecraft_bhop, kzr_greybhop, vkz_trash, kzpf_tropicbhop

KREEDZ Server +9 Maps
mj420, kztw_snowbrick2, kztw_portal, notkz_lost_factory, bkz_factory, cl_gloom, kz_delta, kz_kzro_gohome, kzkl_deep_island

SPEEDMAPS Server +35 Maps
ins_mini_dev, ins_mini_awp_arabia, ins_mini_bhop, mini_wiperblock, vLy_hop, vLy_fastbhop, bhop_movementkrueppel, hb_RED, kaspek_minicity_v1, kaspek_czpk_ljkz, kaspek_kreedztutorial_easy, steel_hb_juhx, vLy_juhxclimb, vLy_hb_juhx, hb_juhx_ez, kztw_brick2, hb_sanaa, kzr_fastmap, kzr_stairs, kis_stairjump, nik_climbfun, block_challenge, hb_prize, kzr_miniclimb, kzr_controlbhop, minebug, alt_zhops, rnr_crypt, nik_short_and_random, alt_miniblock, toonbug, toonbug_h, brickbug, duckbug, hb_bratan_prize

HARD+ Server +7 Maps
kzeed_bhop_madness, kztw_Starduster, kzru_en_monochrome, imkz_anturage, kzpf_ancientegypt, kz_mickypuff_lc, kzua_zp_hamunamaptra_x,

SLIDE Server +1 Map


[CS 1.6] New Map: nobkz_factoryrun

nobkz_factoryrun by hm - playable on our BHOP Server

Thank you hm!


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